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Semi Towing Needed After Caffeine Runs Lug Nuts off Truck in Mosheim TN

Casper's Offers Semi Towing in Mosheim, TN

We recently assisted a truck driver with semi towing after his haul of refrigerated coffee was compromised by some loose lug nuts. Fortunately, the driver understood the need for a professional heavy duty semi towing company and called Casper’s Wrecker Service. Our crew was able to tow the 53 foot reefer truck to the nearest location for repair.

This particular call came in during the late afternoon. While driving southbound along I-81 in Mosheim, Tennessee, the truck driver noticed that the alignment was no longer steady and that the tractor trailer was shaking as he tried to steer. Understandably concerned, the driver pulled over at mile marker 33 to assess the problem.

Upon further inspection, the semi driver noticed that the right front tandem had come undone and all of the lug nuts on the tire were completely gone. One tire was already missing and another came off as he had pulled over to the road shoulder. 

The heat from the friction was so great that it almost caught fire and took more than a half hour to cool down. Burn marks were left behind in the grass where the second wheel had fallen off. 

As the driver’s haul was a refrigerated load of coffee, the perishable nature made the need for a quick semi towing service even more pressing. The semi towing team at Casper’s arrived on-scene quickly to help.

Our semi towing road technicians responded with a road tractor and heavy duty wrecker. They first uncoupled the tractor from the trailer. Our road tractor was placed under the trailer for transport, while the truck was hooked up to the heavy wrecker and pulled to the nearest exit.

From here, the semi towing team turned the truck around backwards to accommodate for the broken axles and rear flat tire. We offered quick semi towing to the nearest repair garage, about 30 miles away. Another successful semi towing job complete!

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Details of the Semi Towing Needed in Mosheim TN

Casper’s Wrecker Service responded to a call from a stranded truck driver in need of a semi towing company in Mosheim, Tennessee along I-81 southbound at mile marker 33. The semi tractor trailer truck driver was carrying a refrigerated load of coffee when he noted a shaking movement while attempting to steer.

Concerned, the driver pulled over to inspect the issue and immediately realized he would require semi towing services. Due to the disconnection of the right front tandem and the loss of all the right front tire’s lug nuts, semi towing services were the best and safest solution. One tire had come off as he was driving and another fell off as he pulled off onto the road shoulder. 

Due to the perishable load in the trailer, the driver immediately contacted Casper’s semi towing for professional semi towing services. The semi towing team at Casper’s responded quickly and got to work.

First, the semi towing team disconnected the tractor and trailer. A road tractor was used to transport the reefer trailer. The tractor was attached to a semi towing heavy wrecker and towed to the nearest exit. 

At the exit, our semi towing team reversed the truck as the axles were broken and rear tires flat. We provided semi towing to the nearest repair garage 30 miles away.

The team at Casper’s Body Shop & Wrecker Service is happy to report that this was another successful heavy duty towing job. The scene was cleared quickly and safely. Contact us today for 24/7 quick semi tow truck services in Mosheim, Tennessee and all surrounding areas.

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