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Heavy Duty Towing Services Needed on Hwy 11-E in Hawkins County, TennesseE

Heavy Towing Company Assists Refrigerated Flower Truck

Hauling an oversized load is no easy feat. This is especially true when the truck carrying the load runs too far off the road. Fortunately, in these situations, Caspers Wrecker is the trusted choice for a heavy duty towing  company in Hawkins County and Greene County, Tennessee. We recently had the opportunity to back this claim up. 

Last week, local police requested assistance from a professional heavy duty recovery and towing company. Not surprisingly, Caspers Wrecker’s heavy towing team was the first to receive the call. 

Our heavy duty towing roadside technicians arrived on scene along Highway 11 East right on the Hawkins County and Greene County line in Tennessee. A brand new refrigerated reefer trailer carrying 30,000lbs of flowers was being escorted to its destination by police. 

During the journey, the truck driver got too close to the edge of the road, running off. The trailer and truck were no longer on the road, but a tree prevented it from flipping all the way over. The incident resulted in a major traffic blockage with Highway 11 East being shut down and rerouted. 

Despite the severe delays, Caspers heavy duty towing team arrived on scene quickly and got to work. Due to the positioning of the truck, trailer, and tree, we could not hook up to the rear of the trailer for lifting. Quick thinking found a new solution though. 

With the help of a strap, and both the 25-ton and 50-ton heavy wreckers, the crew lifted the trailer from the top and scooted it back onto the road. As always, we accomplished the task without causing damage to the semi truck or trailer. Even better, every one involved in the accident, as well as the oversized load recovery walked away safely.

Caspers Wrecker is happy to mark this heavy towing and recovery project a success. Our crew would like to thank the Tennessee Highway Patrol for their assistance in securing the premises for the safety of all at the scene.

oversized load recovery company
oversized load recovery services

Details of Heavy duty Towing Company Assisting Refrigerated Flower Truck

Caspers Wrecker often receives calls for load recovery and heavy duty towing services. This time a heavy duty towing company was needed after a refrigerated flower truck ran off the road. Naturally, we were happy to take the call.

The heavy towing team arrived on scene, right on the lines of Hawkins County and Greene County, Tennessee. The heavy duty towing team learned that local police were escorting an oversized load when the new refrigerated reefer trailer ran off the road. With 30,000 lbs of plants in the back and a schedule to keep, the circumstances necessitated a quick solution for heavy towing.

Rather than flipping completely over or hitting something, the oversized load semi truck landed propped up against a tree. The accident caused a massive traffic jam, shutting down the entirety of this Highway 11 East stretch. 

Caspers heavy duty towing crew arrived at the location and began to assess the situation. Unfortunately, the winch could not be attached to the rear of the trailer for lifting. Instead, a strap was wrapped around the trailer and lifted with the help of both the 25-ton and 50-ton wreckers. Once in the air, the oversized load was maneuvered back onto the roadway. The heavy duty towing and recovery crew was able to complete the job and towing service without causing any damage to the tractor or trailer.

Thanks to the training, expertise, and experience of our heavy duty towing technicians, as well as the assistance of the Tennessee Highway Patrol, this oversized load recovery job was completed safely and successfully. 

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