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Snow-covered Helton Road Tractor-Trailer Recovery

Slippery Rescue

In the early hours of a frosty morning in Grainger County, Tennessee, Casper’s Wrecker Service received a call that would test our skills and resources to the limit. On Helton Road, a tractor-trailer carrying nothing but its own 35,000-pound weight encountered an icy patch. In an attempt to avoid a collision with a car, veered off the road. The slick conditions caused the trailer to slide, dragging the tractor into a precarious position off the road. We chose two of our most capable trucks for the Helton Road tractor-trailer recovery job: a 50-ton Miller 1150 rotator and a 25-ton Miller 5130 wrecker. A team of three operators dispatched immediately to reach the client as quickly as safely possible, considering the road conditions.  

tractor trailer recovery in Granville County

Frosty Roads, Steady Hands

Navigating over half a mile on snow and ice-covered roads, our operators positioned the rotator to leverage its strength and reach. They placed cables and straps across the trailer’s roof to secure it upright during the extraction. A secondary cable was anchored to a nearby tree, serving as an anchor to prevent the truck from sliding. The wrecker was then strategically placed to assist in winching the truck back onto the road, adjusting its position to guide the tractor-trailer around the curve and back to safety.

Caspers Wrecker Service Recovery

Back on the Road Within 3 Hours

The operation took three hours from arrival to successfully placing the tractor-trailer back on State Route 11W. Minor damage to the vehicle’s left side fairing was the only casualty of its off-road excursion. No further damage incurred during the recovery. The tractor-trailer was operable and able to be driven away from the scene.

During the operation, the Tennessee Highway Patrol, Grainger County Sheriff, and Road Department ensured the safety of our operators and the public. We always love the opportunity to work in harmony with local authorities to resolve potentially dangerous situations.

Helton Road Tractor Trailer Recovery on Ice

We did not shy away when faced with a Helton Road tractor trailer recovery challenge. With a fleet including a 50-ton Miller 1150 Rotator and a 25-ton Miller 5130 Wrecker, we can handle any Helton Road tractor-trailer recovery situation, no matter how daunting or slippery the slopes. 

Road-ready Within 3 Hours

The Helton Road tractor-trailer recovery operation spanned three hours, from our arrival to successfully repositioning the tractor-trailer onto State Route 11W. The incident resulted in minimal damage to the vehicle’s left side fairing—a small price for its brief off-road detour. No additional harm occurred during the Helton Road tractor-trailer recovery. Luckily, the tractor-trailer remained operational. Its driver could immediately leave the scene without further assistance.

Cooperation is Key

Throughout the Helton Road tractor-trailer recovery, a coordinated effort with the Tennessee Highway Patrol, Grainger County Sheriff, and Road Department ensured both our team’s and the public’s safety. We are proud of our ability to seamlessly collaborate with local authorities and efficiently mitigate potential hazards.

Snow-covered Helton Road Tractor-Trailer Recovery

Come Rain, Come Shine, Come Ice: Casper’s Comes to the Rescue

Whatever the weather might bring, when you find yourself in a pickle on the road, we at Casper’s Wrecker Service are always ready to assist. Equipped with the necessary tools and expertise to manage any situation, we don’t shy away from challenging weather situations. Our track record of successful recovery operations, like this Helton Road tractor-trailer recovery, makes us your go-to choice for challenging recoveries across several areas in Tennessee.

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