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 I-81 Morristown Tractor-Trailer Recovery

High-Centered No More

Last week, we faced an interesting challenge on the I-81 southbound offramp at Exit 12 near Morristown, TN. A tractor-trailer carrying a hefty load of 165,000 pounds had become high-centered. The height issue forced the driver to get off the interstate, and there it was, stuck with its underside in contact with the ground and its wheels lifted off. This situation called for immediate and expert intervention in heavy towing, and that’s where we stepped in to handle this Morristown I-81 tractor-trailer recovery. 

Equipment and Team Deployment

We dispatched our team with two heavy-duty rotators: the 1150 Peterbilt 50-ton and the 1075 Peterbilt 75-ton rotator. Four of our operators arrived at the scene, ready to handle the task. The primary goal was to lift the trailer from both sides, allowing it to clear the ground and move forward, one foot at a time. This method required precise coordination and repositioning of our equipment four times to ensure the roadway was clear and the trailer could eventually move under its own power.

Successful Outcome

Despite the complexity of the task, our team managed to complete the recovery in just 1.5 hours. The best part? There was no damage to the vehicle, and it was able to continue its journey without needing any repairs. We were also grateful for the assistance of the Morristown Police, who managed traffic to ensure everyone’s safety during the operation.

From Stuck to Moving

What Happened

On I-81 southbound at Exit 12, a tractor-trailer became high-centered. This incident happened near Morristown, TN, causing the vehicle to get stuck off the interstate due to its height. Our team at Casper’s Wrecker Service was called to resolve the situation. This I-81 Morristown tractor-trailer recovery was crucial to clear the roadway and ensure the vehicle could continue its journey.

Equipment and Team

For this I-81 Morristown tractor-trailer recovery, we deployed our 1150 Peterbilt 50-ton rotator and 1075 Peterbilt 75-ton rotator to handle this heavy-duty task. Four of our experienced crew members were on-site to execute the recovery. The tractor-trailer was carrying a load weighing 165,000 pounds. This substantial weight made the process challenging but manageable with the right equipment and expertise.

Recovery Process

Initially, we positioned our rotators on each side of the high-centered trailer. This strategic placement was crucial for lifting the trailer evenly and preventing further complications during the I-81 Morristown tractor-trailer recovery. Using the rotators, we picked up the trailer from both sides. This action lifted the bottom of the trailer off the ground, enabling us to move it forward incrementally. We had to reposition the trucks four times during the process. This step was necessary to gradually move the trailer forward and ensure it could travel under its own power once freed. After lifting and moving the trailer, we cleared the roadway, ensuring no obstructions remained. The entire I-81 Morristown tractor-trailer recovery was handled with precision.

Duration and Outcome

The entire I-81 Morristown tractor-trailer recovery operation took 1.5 hours. Remarkably, there was no damage to the tractor-trailer, and it continued its trip without requiring any repairs. The Morristown Police were on-site to assist with traffic control. Their support was invaluable in maintaining a safe working environment for our team and other motorists. 

I-81 Morristown Tractor-Trailer Recovery

Casper’s Wrecker Service: Our Commitment to Efficient and Safe Recoveries

At Casper’s Wrecker Service, we are proud of our ability to handle such challenging recoveries efficiently and safely. If you ever find yourself in a similar situation, you can count on our expertise and dedication to get you back on the road swiftly. This I-81 Morristown tractor-trailer recovery is just one example of our commitment to providing top-notch heavy towing services.

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