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Heavy Tow Truck Needed for Military D9 Armour Dozer

Heavy Tow Truck for 200,000 lb Military Vehicle in Morristown, TN

It’s not everyday that you see a heavy tow truck and a military D9 armored bulldozer on the road! Tennessee towing company, Caper’s Wrecker, recently assisted the owner of an armor dozer in Morristown, TN by providing him with their professional towing services

The armored dozer needed to be repositioned and could only be done so with the help of a professional with a heavy tow truck. The owner knew the best heavy towing company in Tennessee to call. The Casper’s crew gladly stepped in, and with the help of their Peterbilt 50-ton wrecker and Peterbilt 25-ton wrecker, they lifted the trailer off the ground and repositioned it to the customer’s desired location. 

The Casper’s team moving a 200,000 pound military vehicle with a heavy tow truck on the street was definitely a sight to see for the people passing by! The Morristown Police Department ensured that the area was clear and safe for the job, and the heavy towing team used Sonetic headsets to make sure that all members of the crew could communicate effectively and safely. 

Within 1.5 hours, the efficient and professional Casper’s team repositioned the vehicle. Kudos to the Casper’s Wrecker team on a job well done! They’ve really seen it all!

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Details of Heavy Tow Truck for 200,000 lb Military Vehicle in Morristown, TN

Casper’s Wrecker assisted a customer in Morristown, TN who was in need of a heavy tow truck. The customer was the owner of a 200,000 pound military D9 armored bulldozer. He needed the assistance of a heavy tow truck and an expert heavy towing crew to reposition the vehicle. 

The Casper’s dispatcher sent a crew of 6 members to the location at East Pope Road. The heavy tow truck team brought with them a Peterbilt 50 ton wrecker and a Peterbilt 25 ton wrecker. They quickly arrived on the scene and were met by the Morristown Police Department.

To start the heavy tow truck job, the Casper team assessed the situation and planned the best course of action. 

The heavy tow truck team started the job by placing the 50 ton wrecker at the back of the trailer with snatch blocks and chains. They then lifted the trailer off the ground. The heavy tow truck crew used the 25 ton wrecker, along with snatch blocks and two chains to move the military vehicle forward 1-1.5 feet at a time. At the same time, the driver steered the truck in the direction that the load needed to go.

The heavy tow truck crew used Sonetic headsets so that all members of the heavy tow truck crew, including the driver, could communicate effectively. This ensured their safety while performing the recovery. The entire heavy tow truck job took 1.5 hours to complete and the expert crew made sure that there were no damages done to the vehicle.