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Flatbed Trailer Undecking of 10 Trailers

Mosheim Towing Company Assists with Flatbed Trailer Undecking of 1,200 lb Trailers

With four locations in Tennessee, Casper’s Wrecker Service is the trusted choice for flatbed trailer undecking in the State. The experienced team recently assisted a local electrical contractor who needed assistance with his ten 1,200 pound trailers. 

Happy to help a local business, a team of 3 from Casper’s made their way to the local contractor’s lot to provide their expertise. While undecking ten trailers might sound like a huge feat, the expert and efficient crew were able to get the job done in only 2 hours! 

The skilled team had the help of their 50-ton wrecker, which they brought with them to the location in Mosheim, TN. With precision and ease, the Casper’s crew completed the truck undecking without a hitch. Needless to say, the local Mosheim electrical contractor was pleased with the Casper’s team’s efficiency and professionalism. 

Well done to the team at Casper’s Wrecker Service! We are proud of all the work that you do for the local community and local businesses in Tennessee! 

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Details of Mosheim Towing Company Assists with Flatbed Trailer Undecking of 1,200 lb Trailers

The team at Casper’s Wrecker Service recently assisted in a flatbed trailer undecking job for a local contractor. The dispatcher of the towing company received a call from a local electrical contractor who needed assistance for flatbed trailer undecking. The customer informed the Casper team that the job was located in his lot in Mosheim, TN. 

The electrical electrical contractor had purchased ten 1,200 pound trailers which were on his lot. He needed an experienced and reliable towing company for flatbed trailer undecking. The Casper team responded quickly to the call and sent their team out right away. They brought with them a 50-ton wrecker for the job. Three Casper team members made their way to the scene in order to complete the flatbed trailer undecking. 

Once they arrived at the location, the flatbed trailer undecking team assessed the situation. The team saw 10 of the pole trailers that weighed about 1,200 pounds each and came up with the best course of action. To begin the flatbed trailer undecking, they brought in their 50-ton wrecker. The flatbed trailer undecking team placed it far enough away from the side of the trailer to be undecked so that they could pick each trailer unit up. 

From there, the flatbed trailer undecking team boomed in and winched up each of the trailers. To complete the flatbed trailer undecking, each 1,200 pound trailer was set on the ground. From there, the team used a road tractor with a pintle hitch to move each trailer into its designated spot on the contractor’s lot. The entire flatbed trailer undecking job took the Casper Wrecker Service team two hours. For experienced and efficient flatbed trailer undecking in Tennessee, call the professionals at Casper’s Wrecker Service. We are here for you 24/7!