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Highway 113 Tractor-Trailer Towing in White Pine, TN

Towing Team Tackles a 50,000-Pound Crisis

Last week, a routine day became an extraordinary challenge when our Highway 113 tractor-trailer towing team deployed to White Pine, Tennessee. We received a call about a tractor-trailer that had lost control while traveling down Highway 113. The vehicle, carrying a substantial weight of 50,000 pounds, had begun spinning out of control before sliding off the road, with a culvert wedging between its trailer spreads.

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Moving the Tractor-Trailer

Dispatching our Miller 1150 50-ton rotator and Miller 5130 25-ton wrecker, our four tow truck operators arrived at the scene. After assessing the situation, our operators initiated the heavy-duty recovery by setting up the rotator in the middle of the road and positioning the 25-ton wrecker at an angle upfront.

To recover the semi-truck, we first leveled the back of the trailer and rotated it towards the road. Carefully, we set the trailer down on the road, maintaining pressure to keep it stable. Simultaneously, the 25-ton wrecker winched the tractor out of the ditch, coordinating with the rotator to ensure a smooth and controlled recovery.

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A Swift and Successful Operation

Incredibly, the entire operation was completed in less than 45 minutes. What stood out was the absence of any damage to the vehicle. Remarkably, after the tractor-trailer was pulled out, it was operational and could drive off without additional towing or repairs.

Heavy Towing: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Roadside Recovery

Our Team in Action

Heavy towing is more than just moving large vehicles; it’s about precision, safety, and quick response. On Highway 113 in White Pine, Tennessee, our Highway 113 tractor-trailer towing team showcased their skills in a challenging scenario. Using our Miller 1150 and 5130 wreckers, we tackled the complex task of recovering a 50,000-pound tractor-trailer.

This heavy towing operation required meticulous planning and coordination. Our Highway 113 tractor-trailer towing team, consisting of four members, worked in perfect sync. Each step, from setting up the rotators to winching the tractor out of the ditch, demonstrated our commitment to excellence in heavy towing, particularly Highway 113 tractor-trailer towing.

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Rapid Response and Effective Resolution

Thankfully, our heavy towing capabilities allowed for a quick response and ensured a rapid and effective resolution. Completing the Highway 113 tractor-trailer towing job in under 45 minutes without damaging the semi-truck underscored our proficiency in heavy towing. 

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Heavy Towing: Road Safety Always Comes First

At the heart of heavy towing is the commitment to road safety. This Highway 113 tractor-trailer towing operation clearly showed how heavy towing is crucial in keeping our roads safe and minimizing disruptions. Whether it’s a stranded vehicle or a major roadside incident, our Highway 113 tractor-trailer towing team is always ready to respond with the right equipment and expertise.

Whatever scenario you may encounter on the road, Casper’s Body Shop & Wrecker Service is Greeneville’s top choice for heavy-duty towing—and we’re here to help. Boasting a team of WreckMaster-certified operators, we’re equipped to handle even the most complex heavy towing and recovery incidents, including Highway 113 tractor-trailer towing services. For reliable and expert heavy towing services, including Highway 113 tractor-trailer towing, Casper’s Body Shop & Wrecker Service is the go-to team in the area.

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