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Top of the Line Tow Truck for Local Towing Company

At Casper’s Wrecker, we’re fueled by our immense pride in boasting the crème de la crème of both crew and machinery in the towing industry – this includes our tow trucks! We’ve handpicked the most skilled team members and state-of-the-art equipment. This ensures that our customers receive nothing but the best!

Our dedicated team recently added a new addition to our collection of tow trucks – a Century 1150 heavy duty rotator, which we customized to reflect our towing company! Needless to say, our entire crew is excited for this new tow truck and even more pleased to answer the calls from our customers riding in this new addition. 

What is a Heavy Duty Wrecker?

A heavy-duty wrecker, or tow truck, is a true powerhouse among towing vehicles. Built to handle large and weighty vehicles or equipment, these impressive tow trucks possess the strength and capabilities needed for substantial lifting and towing. Equipped with reinforced frames, heavy-duty winches, and hydraulic systems, the tow truck can provide exceptional control and reliability. 

From recovering commercial trucks and buses to transporting construction machinery and oversized vehicles, heavy-duty wreckers play a vital role in the towing industry. Their robust design ensures the efficient and safe transportation of heavy loads, even in the most challenging scenarios.

The Century 1150

The Century 1150 is the industry’s leading heavy-duty rotator wrecker and tow truck! In response to the demand for efficient clearance on congested roadways and the need for tackling challenging recovery and lifting jobs, Century has emerged as the global frontrunner. 

This 50-ton rotator excels in heavy recovery while boasting a weight-saving design to accommodate daily towing requirements. Much like its counterpart, the Century 1075, the 1150 showcases a remarkable 360° continuous boom rotation, a 3-stage recovery boom, and the option for deck and turret-mounted winches. 

Additionally, the tow truck features the extensively field-tested and proven SDU-4 under lift, providing outstanding versatility in a variety of recovery scenarios. For those seeking advanced technology, the Century 1150R is an exceptional choice. It introduces a patented roller system that allows the boom to travel up to an impressive 60 inches. This low-maintenance roller system showcases remarkable capabilities, enabling smooth starting and stopping even under heavy loads, all while maintaining rotation.

This tow truck is further enhanced by our exclusive patented Raptor™ Wireless Proportional Controls. These innovative controls offer enhanced operator sightlines by extending away from the vehicle, ensuring maximum visibility during operation. In addition, the controls feature an information screen with load-sensing functions, further enhancing operational efficiency and safety.

With Century’s relentless dedication to craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology, the Century 1150 and 1150R represent the pinnacle of heavy-duty rotator wreckers, setting new standards in the towing industry and empowering operators worldwide to conquer the most demanding recovery challenges with ease and precision.

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From heavy equipment hauling to roadside assistance, the team at Casper’s has the tow truck for you! Armed with our impressive fleet, including this new Century 1150 tow truck, we are confident that we can meet all of your towing needs. 

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