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Greeneville Heavy Tow Truck Saves Overturned Tractor-Trailer

Quick Action by Casper’s Greeneville Heavy Towing Team

Responding to emergencies is a critical part of the services offered by heavy towing companies. In a recent example of such a response, a significant incident required a Greeneville heavy tow truck on the 11000 block of Asheville Highway, just outside Greeneville, Tennessee.

A tractor-trailer carrying a load of tractor fifth wheel plates from Orlando, Florida, overturned while navigating a curve, putting its substantial 79,000-pound cargo at risk. Casper’s Wrecking Service was called to the scene and was equipped with the necessary heavy towing equipment, including an 1150 Miller 50-ton Rotator, a Miller 5130 25-ton wrecker, and a rollback. Three of our team members arrived promptly to address the situation.

Heavy towing Greeneville

Recovering the Truck and its Load

The Greeneville heavy-duty recovery operation began with positioning the rotator next to the overturned tractor-trailer. The team lifted the trailer slightly to place two 12″ straps underneath. They then adjusted the rotator’s position to facilitate the tractor-trailer’s clearance, employing a ‘pick and pull’ technique. This method involved securing straps to the underside of the trailer and utilizing a drag line from the truck’s rear to the trailer and back to the rotator to ensure the structure’s stability during the operation.

A crucial aspect of the heavy recovery by our Greeneville heavy tow truck was the role of the 25-ton wrecker, which was used to manage the tractor’s position as the team worked to right the trailer. The wrecker’s dual lines were essential in ensuring the tractor-trailer’s smooth and controlled transition back onto its wheels.

After successfully righting the tractor-trailer, our Greeneville heavy tow truck operators towed the vehicle to Casper’s lot. Our team’s coordinated effort, technical knowledge, and appropriate equipment efficiently resolved a complex heavy towing situation.

Heavy tow truck in Greeneville

Greeneville Heavy Tow Truck Response on Asheville Highway

Heavy towing plays a vital role in responding to emergencies, as demonstrated by a recent incident on the 11000 block of Asheville Highway near Greeneville, Tennessee. The incident called for the expertise of our Greeneville heavy towing professionals with a Greeneville heavy tow truck.

A tractor-trailer from Orlando, Florida, loaded with tractor fifth wheel plates had overturned while navigating a curve, endangering its 79,000-pound cargo. Our Greeneville heavy tow truck operators swiftly arrived at the scene. They came equipped with specialized heavy towing machinery, including an 1150 Miller 50-ton Rotator, a Miller 5130 25-ton wrecker, and a rollback. The Greeneville heavy tow truck team, consisting of three members, quickly got to work to manage the situation.

The heavy towing operation outside Greeneville, Tennessee, kicked off by positioning the rotator adjacent to the overturned tractor-trailer. The Greeneville heavy tow truck team’s first move was to lift the trailer slightly, allowing two 12″ straps to be placed beneath it. They then repositioned the rotator, optimizing it for the tractor-trailer’s removal, and applied a ‘pick and pull’ method. This involved fastening straps under the trailer and using a drag line from the truck’s rear to the trailer, then back to the rotator, stabilizing the structure throughout the operation.

A pivotal moment in the Greeneville heavy tow truck service was the involvement of the 25-ton wrecker, tasked with stabilizing the tractor as the team endeavored to upright the trailer. The wrecker’s twin lines were critical, ensuring the tractor-trailer was smoothly and safely returned to its wheels.

The successful repositioning of the tractor-trailer marked the conclusion of this Greeneville heavy tow truck operation. Subsequently, our team transported the vehicle to Casper’s lot. This turned out to be another successful Greeneville heavy tow truck job!

Heavy towing semi truck

Casper’s Wrecking Service: Your Heavy Towing Experts in Greeneville, Tennessee

Casper’s Wrecking Service assists those in Greeneville, Tennessee, and surrounding areas with their heavy towing needs. We bring a combination of expertise, equipment, and experience to every situation, aiming to resolve complex towing challenges efficiently. When you require a Greeneville heavy tow truck, make us your first call for a swift response. Each Greeneville heavy tow truck operator is ready to assist you when it matters most!

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